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Maui 2012


Maui 2012


Hula Girl- snorkel and scuba cruise.

Some of the staff enjoying the outdoor portion of the cruise.

Classic!! Aerin and Diana trying for the Big Hair 80's look:)

Such a commical staff we have at Northern Chiropractic. Neal (Julia's husband), Julia, Aerin, Diana and Brandon (Aerin's fiance).

Picture of a picture. Barb, Korey and Dr. Greg.

...and another. Dr. Greg, Dorothea (Dr. Greg's wife) and Barb.

...yet another. Dr. Greg!

Carma hanging loose:]

Julia and Neal after scuba diving:)

Barb and Korey after scuba diving.

Aerin and Brandon enjoying the sun.

Hey, who let that lady drive the boat? Barb behind the wheel:)

Dr. Greg and Dorothea kicking back after a fun time of snorkeling.

Awesome view from the Hula Girl.

Diana and Aerin gearing up for zip lining.

Aerin, Diana, Julia and Neal ready for the zip lining adrenaline rush.

Diana and Aerin enjoying the crazy ride up the mountain:)

Neal and Julia enjoying the view from the zip line.

Diana and Aerin having fun zip lining.

Julia hanging loose on the mountains in Maui.


Blowhole in North Maui. 

Speaks for itself:)))

Dr. Greg touring the North end of Maui and driving to Kapalua.

Beautiful views in North Maui.

Barb and Korey enjoying dinner with a gorgeous view.

Carma supporting the golden Maui tan:))

Diana loving her first visit to Hawaii!!

Greg and Dorothea enjoying the sunset at dinner.

Aloha and Mahalo!

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  • "I have been a patient of Dr. Greg’s since 1996. Back when my children were still young and he had none. Dr. Greg has helped me in many ways, from injury, recovery to keeping me mobile through an extremely long and difficult medical issue. Barb his senior massage therapist has been right there providing massage treatment that complimented Dr. Greg’s therapy. His entire office staff is very sweet, nice and professional. That is why I refer Dr. Greg and Northern Chiropractic at every opportunity."
    Dana C. / Chugiak

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