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Success Stories

I have been a patient of Dr. Greg’s since 1996. Back when my children were still young and he had none. Dr. Greg has helped me in many ways, from injury, recovery to keeping me mobile through an extremely long and difficult medical issue. Barb his senior massage therapist has been right there providing massage treatment that complimented Dr. Greg’s therapy. His entire office staff is very sweet, nice and professional. That is why I refer Dr. Greg and Northern Chiropractic at every opportunity.

-Dana C.

 Dr. Greg was amazing with treating me throughout my pregnancy! I have come to see him through two pregnancies now and would recommend him to anybody! My back and hip pain was much more manageable by seeing him throughout, all the way up to delivery. Barbara was also incredible to see for massage therapy during both pregnancies. I will continue to see Dr. Greg for all of my chiropractic care and refer him to anyone needing care!

-Larissa L.

I came to Northern Chiropractic almost five years ago. I have always been afraid of chiropractors, thinking one wrong move and I would snap a bone. After years of migraines I had to do something. Dr. Greg made me feel comfortable, walked me through each adjustment and made me believe in regular monthly adjustments. My headaches are gone and I feel much better!

-Chrissy B.
Eagle River

Since coming for regular chiropractic appointments from 2010-current I have eliminated the need for chronic pain medications and injections. Additionally, my sleep patterns have improved especially with use of H2O pillow. I highly recommend routine chiropractic care.

-Keiko T.

Dr. Greg and his staff are always positive, pleasant and helpful. They take time to meet my schedule needs. My care plan has been shared with me and my questions are always answered. It is such a great place and drive from anywhere to see them.

-Wendy B.

My family has been patients of Dr. Greg’s for over 10 years. I began as his patient with pain in both legs and my back. After a period of treatment and adjustments the pain in my knees and back left and has been gone to this day; I had consulted other doctors to no avail, so I was convinced. Over the years my wife, our sons and their wives have come to Dr. Greg for treatment. He will listen to you explain your problems, explain what the problem may be and tell you if he can help you. If he can help you he performs the needed treatment and adjustments and he reevaluates your progress. If you’re not making progress he will discuss other treatment options or refer you to a medical doctor or specialist. He won’t continue to treat you if he can’t help you. The charges are reasonable and he accepts most insurance including Medicaid, Medicare, VA and State of Alaska Retiree. Dr. Greg is one of the finest professional practitioners in the chiropractor field. I would highly recommend him to anyone needing care.

-Phillip P.
Eagle River

I have been a client of Dr. Greg’s since 1996-20 years now! He has helped my back get through a car accident, lifting kids in and out of car seats for years and major renovation to my property that took extreme tolls on my structure. His staff has always been helpful and friendly. Now my almost grown son has become a client as part of his overall health plan as an athlete. I highly recommend Northern Chiropractic.

-Lisa P.
Eagle River

I have always had a physical demanding job as well as playing recreational sports; I am always throwing my back out, dislocating vertebrae’s, etc. Dr. Greg is always understanding, never demeaning and always getting me back to work as number one priority. As I always put it “Dr. Greg puts humpty dumpty back together again and again”. I travel from Anchorage to see him and he is great!
-Jason W.


For many years I could only sit and watch life go by due to an auto accident. In my 60’s (the age not the decade) I reinjured my back. On advice from a friend and with some apprehension I went to see Dr. Greg, an optimistic young man, who put me on a schedule of adjustments and home exercises. Within a few weeks I was able to walk without pain and go onto a maintenance program which I have continued for these past years.

But! More than fixing my back, Dr. Greg was able to free my shoulder so that I could raise my arm above my head the first time in many years. Also, I can turn my head from side to side. No pain! Life is sweeter now that I have freedom to move. Thank you Dr. Greg and the Northern Chiropractic family who treat me so kindly even when I’m not.

-Alan D.
Eagle River

Dr. Greg has been wonderful in getting me up and moving after years of a stiff back and sore legs. I can now move with ease and without pain!

The office staff is wonderful, helpful and always a joy to deal with every time I come in.

-Perry L.

After having a bad first experience with a different chiropractor I was very hesitant to see Dr. Greg. My first visit alone completely took away my fears. During my orientation I felt like he addressed all my questions and concerns and I never once felt rushed. It’s always easy getting in to see Dr. Greg when I need to and he truly listens to what’s hurting me and even gives me advice on preventative measures to take while at home. Thank you, Dr. Greg, for taking such good care of me. Also, thank you for “Trans-fat Thursdays” during my pregnancy.

-Helen W.
Eagle River

I have been with Dr. Greg and his team for over 20 years because I always receive a warm reception, excellent care, flexibility in responding to urgent needs and flexibility with my schedule of working in Anchorage and living in Eagle River.

I Know I have choices and I choose to stay with Northern Chiropractic.

I recommend you give them a chance to impress you.

-Kurt H.
Eagle River

Love this office and staff. Feeling great.

-Jackie K.

(Always) steady improvement, great staff, great doctor and awesome experience.

-Gail H.
Eagle River

I’ve also returned for care due to increased stress and on my first visit I instantly felt huge improvement in my neck and upper back. I’m so glad I came in!

-Krista P.
Eagle River

Before I came my back and neck were tight and tense, but now that I came and was adjusted I feel tons better!

-Elizabeth P.
Eagle River

For the first time in 8 months I am able to run with no back pain or foot pain. I had almost forgotten what this felt like. It is a wonderful feeling. I hope you know how much I appreciate what you and your team have done to get me to this point. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

-Lori L.
Eagle River

Quite simple, I go to Northern Chiropractic to receive chiropractic and massage treatments. The treatments and support I receive for my chronically diagnosed conditions are invaluable to me in having a functional quality of life. The staff is welcoming and always available to help.

-Frank R.
Eagle River 

My husband and I recently moved to Eagle River from South Lake Tahoe, California. After the strenuous move, my back and hips were crying out for help. Luckily the woman we bought our condo from gave us Dr. Greg's name. Thank goodness! His care got me back on my feet and feeling great. An added benefit was meeting his terrific staff. I consider them the first friends I made here in Alaska!

-Judy W.
Eagle River

My success story at Northern Chiropractic is the best ever. I have several chronic problems with my back. In the past besides drugs and physical therapy, they also did epidermal injections. I had only limited relief because my back was just soooooooo out of alignment. Well then I met Dr. Greg and right away after the first visit I started getting my life back. I can now function on what I consider a normal basis with much more mobility. My pain level is way down, and I can enjoy the outdoor sports that I love to do without hurting all the time.  The staff is great also. They take care of scheduling appointments and all the insurance paperwork seamlessly. They really do a great job with a smile too. I have been to other chiropractors in the past, but Dr. Greg is by far the best ever. I highly recommend him.

-Ray T.
Satisfied Customer

Having had chronic pain all my adult life I was desperate for relief.  The most drastic improvement has been in the reduction of numbness I’ve been experiencing in most of my body.  After seeing Dr. Culbert and his staff, 90 percent of my numbness is gone.  He and his staff are incredibly caring and are committed to my healing.

-Janell H.
Eagle River

My initial visit came following a trip to Hawaii after I was hit from behind by a “rogue” wave.  I could barely move and hurt when I did.  Dr. Greg saw me immediately after I called the office.  His care worked with in 12 hours I was 100 percent improved.  After three days I was like new again.  He has helped me through two hip surgeries and my husband, which was once a skeptic, has seen vast improvements in his pain.  It is so good to be able to move pain-free again.  I continue with care because I believe in the maintenance of good health and chiropractic care is an essential part of that maintenance.

-Keiko T.

I had been to other chiropractors before and had bad experiences, so I stopped going for years. However, after sleeping wrong one night I needed to go to someone. My co-workers recommended Dr. Greg and the crew at Northern Chiropractic. My first visit was awesome!! I felt right at home. Everyone is sooo friendly and professional. I have been a client now since 2008 and recommend Dr. Greg to everyone who comes across my path. He has helped with my migraines and other health problems. They always listen and the massages are terrific.

-Janese M.

Every time I do something dumb to mess up my back, Dr. Greg and his staff gets me back to work speedy quick. Friendly and effective treatments make Northern Chiropractic the only place I go for chiropractic care. Thanks!

-Lane D.
Eagle River

My success story started approximately 13 years ago. Dr. Greg and his staff are fantastic. Dr. Greg has helped me through some rough times with my back and tennis elbow. I leave the clinic always feeling better. If you need to get in without and appointment they will always work you in.

I love Dr. Greg and his staff!!

-Kathy H.

The success story that I have starts when I walk in the door. The friendliness of the staff is remarkable. They make me want to come back, and gladly. I have serious back issues and have had for most of my life. The compassion, the gentleness and wisdom I have found to describe Dr. Culbert has helped me continue to be part of this community. Thank you Greg, you have been a savior to me and my family (all 8 kids and husband).

-Louise B.
Eagle River

It is always the best thing when one discovers a healthcare professional such as Dr. Greg. In terrible pain I went to his office seeking relief. As soon as I entered the waiting room I was treated with compassion and concern from the office staff. Dr. Greg took deliberate and substantial time to assess my problems. After a few weeks of adjustments I was able to walk without assistance and resume daily activities so important to me. I give thanks every day that Dr. Greg is part of my medical team.

-Anne G.
Eagle River

About 6 months ago I was having a rough time moving, getting in and out of bed and my back was “spasming” horribly.  A friend of mine recommended me to come see Dr. Greg and he was fantastic.  Well here we are April 2013 and I have seen Doctor Greg for everything from migraines, back and shoulder pain, to minor aches and pains.  I have been able to count on Northern Chiropractic for emergency walk-ins and quick calls.  They encouraged me to start working out and to lead a better lifestyle. The staff honestly cares about the patients and gets to know you on a very personal level, which makes it easy for me to come back and know I will be taken care of.  I appreciate the awesome service and caring demeanor of this business.

-Chris W.
Eagle River

I came to Northern Chiropractic because I was in a car accident.  Dr. Greg was highly recommended by my friends and co-workers.  I was in a lot of pain when I came to Dr. Greg’s practice.  Through back adjustments, muscle stem, massage and exercises I improved.  Over a six month time period I was able to heal without using drugs.  Dr. Greg is excellent at encouraging you to do your back exercises daily.  I feel great today with no back pain.  They are a wonderful professional chiropractic practice.  The staff is always friendly and helpful.

Thank you Dr. Greg for helping me to enjoy life pain free!

-Peggy K.

Before I went to see Dr. Greg, I was experiencing migraine like headaches on a daily basis along with a tingling numbness down my legs. Dr. Greg was able to help both of these, and now four months later I'm experiencing no numbness and only rarely a headache.

The staff at Northern Chiropractic is always very pleasant and friendly and willing to work with my schedule. I can even bring my two little kids in with me to appointments! I am so glad I found Dr. Greg and Northern Chiropractic; it was a wonderful decision for my health and well-being!

-Melissa A.
Eagle River

If it wasn't for Dr. Greg I would have ended with an unnecessary surgery. Great staff and the massages are awesome.

-Donna W.
Eagle River

I can't remember the event that brought me to Northern Chiropractic, but I do know that Dr. Greg and the wonderful, knowledgeable and helpful staff saw me comfortably through my pregnancy and continue to ensure that I am physically successful in my life.

-Nichole P.
Eagle River

Northern Chiropractic is a place to be because all the staff is friendly and makes me feel like family; from the friendly front desk and very educated staff. I've been coming to Northern Chiropractic for almost 10 years and every visit always feels like I'm coming to visit family. Dr. Greg is very knowledgeable about keeping me informed of all my adjustments and great advice; also, very helpful billing staff and willing to work hard for my claims to insurance.

-Nancy D.
Eagle River  

I have been seeing Dr. Greg since I was a teenager - for 20 years now. I can always rely on him for professional, effective and gentle care for my back issues. His staff has always been friendly and well informed. I've seen Northern Chiropractic sponsoring many non-profits and community events in Chugiak/Eagle River area, making me proud to support his business.

-Rachel A.
Eagle River

Everyone is so nice and takes such great care! Thank you!

-Amanda M.

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  • "I have been a patient of Dr. Greg’s since 1996. Back when my children were still young and he had none. Dr. Greg has helped me in many ways, from injury, recovery to keeping me mobile through an extremely long and difficult medical issue. Barb his senior massage therapist has been right there providing massage treatment that complimented Dr. Greg’s therapy. His entire office staff is very sweet, nice and professional. That is why I refer Dr. Greg and Northern Chiropractic at every opportunity."
    Dana C. / Chugiak

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